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My research thematics
My research interests concern the interactions between past Human societies and their Environment. My works are in the field of Environmental Archaeology and deal more particularly with Geoarchaeology (or Archaeogeology). I use techniques and methods from Geosciences disciplines - geomorphology, geology, sedimentology, geochemistry - in order to reconstruct palaeo-environments of past human societies and to determine human responses to environmental changes, to reconstruct past landscapes taking into account environmental conditions and human impacts, and also to reply to historical and archaeological issues.

I am a specialist in terrestrial carbonate sediments (commonly called travertine - from hot springs - and calcareous tufas) linked to human settllements and activities. My aim is to study with a geoarchaeological approach these "archaeological carbonates" (or "anthropological carbonates" to speak further) preserved in or around the archaeological sites. The work is generally done in two main steps. A first part takes place in the field with a geomorphologic study of the site and the surrounding area in order to characterize the complete geo(hydro)system. This includes a stratigraphical, morphological and sedimentological study of the carbonate deposits along with field analytical measures and collecting samples. The second main part of the work consists in analyzing the collected samples in laboratory using several methods - optical and scanning electron microscopy, cathodolumuniscence, geochemistry of stable isotopes (δ18O and δ13C) and elements (Ca, Fe, Mg, Sr, etc.) - to determine the control factors of the carbonates facies link to environmental conditions and anthropogenic factors. Thus past hydrological and environmental variations can be inferred (water temperatures and waterflows fluctuations) and anthropological facts can be demonstrated such as the impact of human activities on deposits development and the associated geosystem, hydraulic structures function, hydraulic structures use durations and repairs, waters mixings and waters management.

The main aim of my research activities is to improve our knowledge of past human societies interacting with their natural environment.  My geoarchaeological approach would help to better understand the relation between water and human societies and it role in landscape construction, by bringing new insights on natural resources availability and water managements.

For a long time now I show great interest for new technologies, especially applied to Digital Humanities. I use (Open Source) GIS and Webmapping technology in order to develop scientific programs and projects proposing new insights for archaeological and historical problematics. I also employ 3D technologies (Photogrammetry, Laser scanning and modelling) applied to archaeological objects and structures, for heritage culture questions and scientific new issues. 
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Fieldworks (please browse the map & check the legend)
Research programs
ARGOS (2015)
French School of Athens
Geoarchaeological surveys and coring mission in the plain of Argos (Peloponnese, Greece) and laboratory analyses in order to reconstruct the Holocene dynamics of the area.
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HYDRΩMED (2014-16) - Water resources management in the Mediterranean area during the first millenium BC
Foundation A*MIDEX / Coord.: S. Bouffier (Aix-Marseille University, Centre Camille Jullian)
Palaeoenvironmental study: climatology and hydrogeomorphology of the Mediterranean area (with J. Guiot)

HYDROSYRA (2014-18) - Water supply of the Greek city of Syracusa, Sicily
Aix-Marseille University / Coord.: S. Bouffier (Aix-Marseille University, Centre Camille Jullian)
Geoarchaeology and Palaeoenvironment
Archaeological Mission of Jebel Oust, Tunisia (2006-)
Program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French School of Rome, National Institue of Heritage (Tunisia), Collège de France
Coord.: A. Ben Abed (INP, Tunis) & J. Scheid (Collège de France, Paris)
Geoarchaeological study
MEDEE (Mer-Desert-Environment) (2011-14)
Program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Coord.: E. Fouache (University of Paris-Sorbonne)
Geoarchaeological mission in collaboration with the Mission Archéologique Française en Asie Centrale & the Sciences Academy of Tajikistan
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Terrestrial carbonates as geoarchaeological archives of past human societies and palaeoenvironment (2009)
Project funded by the Region Bourgogne [15000 €} / Coord.: J. Curie & C. Petit
Vix et son environement (2006-09)
University of Burgundy - Region Bourgogne / Coord.: C. Mordant, S. Wirth, B. Chaume
Geoarchaeological and GPS surveys
Archaeological Carbonates
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Digital Humanities
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