Julien Curie
Geoarchaeology & Environment - Digital HUmanities

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    Anonymous scholiar. Planet Earth, XXIst century
A short story
I began to study Earth Sciences and Archaeology at the University of Burgundy - Dijon, France. After a Master in Geosciences and Archaeology, I made my PhD thesis at the ARTEHIS Laboratory (UMR 6298-UB-CNRS) that I defended in 2013 with the very honorable mention and the congratulations of the jury by unanimity. I have been hired as assistant lecturer at the University of Paris-Sorbonne (Geography Department) from 2012 to 2014. 
Involved in many international research programs, I worked for several institutions - University, INRAP, Collège de France, EPHE - as a geoarchaeologist/geomorphologist and Digital Humanities specialist.
I am currently a post-doctoral research fellow for the Laboratory of Excellence RESMED - University of Paris-Sorbonne.
Quick links:
Postdoctoral position / Labex RESMED - University of Paris-Sorbonne 
Postdoctoral position / University of Panthéon-Sorbonne & Aix-Marseille University 
Assistant Lecturer / University of Paris-Sorbonne
PhD in Geoarchaeology / University of Burgundy
Master Degree in Geosciences & Archaeology / University of Burgundy 
Professional Experiences
Geoarchaeologist / Geomorphologist / INRAP (French Rescue Archaeology Institution)
Research Engineer in Geoarchaeology / Aix-Marseille University
Research Engineer in Geoarchaeology / CNRS
Geoarchaeologist / University of Burgundy - UMR ARTEHIS 6298
Assistant Engineer in Digital Humanities / EPHE - University of Burgundy 
Scientific Responsibilities
  • Scientific expert for the French National Research Agency (ANR)
  • Responsible for the Palaeoenvironmental study: climatology and hydrogeomorphology of the Mediterranean area of the HYDROMED international program "Water resources management in the Mediterranean area during the first millenium BC"
  • Responsible for Geoarchaeology and Palaeoenvironment of the HYDROSYRA program "Water supply of the Greek city of Syracusa, Sicily" 
  • Co-responsible for the Geoarchaeology of the French and Tunisian Archaeology Mission of Jebel Oust, Tunisia 
  • Coordinator for the research axis IMPACTS of the ARTEHIS Laboratory (2009-12)
  • Member of the editorial board of Scientific Culture – Journal of applied science & technology to cultural issues
  • Scientific reviewer for HOMO - Journal of Comparative Human Biology
Administrative Responsibilities

Referent for the Geography department of the double Bachelor level Archaeology-Geography 
/ University of Paris-Sorbonne
Elected member of the council of the Earth Sciences department / University of Burgundy